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“Our mission at Sweet Surprise Party Kit is providing a new, innovative (and less stressful) way to give a surprise box filled with joy to your child or even your party guests at your next upcoming event! These party kits add a thrill and tons of excitement that you and your guests will absolutely adore! Experience this cool innovative experience that provides your loved ones with liveliness, excitement, and a whole lot of awesome new things to enjoy!”

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Making events special are what we are known for! Now we have the opportunity to offer a really cool service for party moms who enjoy adding a little extra flare for their party guests, or even the aunt who doesn't know what to get their niece for their birthday! Leave the guesswork to us! Let us help you with these awesome party kits! Designed perfectly for a birthday gift or even as party favors for your next sleepover, spa party, or even just a cool birthday celebration with family! 

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Take an awesome look at ways you can make your next gathering an exciting experience for everyone! Create memories that will last a lifetime! 

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