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"Surprise! Surprise!"

Our Sweet Surprise Party Launch has officially taken off and we are so excited about the number of you guys who have reached out wanting to learn more about our new service! This entire project has been built off of the many party moms and dads who have come to us wanting to create a magical experience for their birthday girl or boy.

"Is there anything else that I can add?"

This has been one of the biggest questions we have received in our sleepover party rental business. As parents we really try our best to make these birthday milestones super magical! The sleepover party is one thing, but the party favors/birthday gifts are another! Why not make your scavenger hunt simple by simply utilizing us for your party favor and gifting needs!

What do these party kits include?

The party kit depends on the reason for the season! Are you needing an awesome birthday gift for your loved one? Are you in need of party favors for your entire group? Or are you just in need of a few personalized items for the big day! Whatever your needs are we've got you! We have some awesome options that will absolutely blow you away! Including our personal favorite! Our 4ft Teddy Bear Plushie Surprise Kit!

Simply click the link to get started! You can build your own kit or take advantage of the awesome surprises we can create for you!

Until next time!

x Sweet Surprise

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